Turkey 2016–Part Two–It’s a Small World— Miniaturk Style

There is a one to 25 scale replica park in Istanbul called the Miniaturk Park, presumably for families and especially those who can’t afford to travel and see the sites in Turkey. It’s a fun place, and in fact it’s the only place you are going to find several sites of Biblical import— for example the temple of Artemis (of which only one column still remains in Ephesus), or the tomb of Mausolus (from which we get the word mausoleum). The park has been open for some years now, but I had never heard of it until recently, hence my visit to the Turkish version of ‘it’s a small world after all’. Let’s start with the Temple of Artemis—


mini4 Yep that’s Artemsis herself in there in all her glory.

Next stop, the monumental tomb of King Mausolus who was buried at Halicarnassus. This tomb was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, but alas it is no more—mini5mini6 This shot gives you an idea about the scale of the tomb compared to the Temple of Artemsis…

Then I turned to the famous Temple of Zeus at the acropolis at Pergamon, which was famously carted off log, stock, and barrel by German antiquities thieves err…archaeologists and given a special museum in Berlin (n.b. it’s still there today). mini9mini8

There is also the famous replica of the library of Celsus in ancient Ephesus…mini10

There is also the replica of the great Roman theater in Aspendos…
mini11 As well as the gods and kings statues on Mt. Nimrud…

How about the fairy castles and cave churches of Capadoccia, comnplete with replica hot air balloons?mini13

What about an ancient sailing vessel? Ask and ye shall receive…
mini14 Or a Roman aqueduct like you see in Istanbul?
Or the famous Sumela cliff side monastery near Trabzon? mini17 Or the Galata tower in Istanbul? mini18 There is much more I could show you, but you get the picture. The neat thing is seeing replicas of ancient buildings now long gone, or at least in ruins.

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