Turkey 2016– Part Five Costumes and Food for all Occasions


Why is this man staring at you? Well, because he is offering you the opportunity to come and be photographed as a regal figure in the Ottoman and pre-Ottoman style. Really it should be called the Osmanli style, but the British screwed that up, just like they did the name of the country which is Turkiye not Turkey (three syllables not two, and named after turquoise not the bird). So people come to the great Osmanli palace to see many things and dress up regally for fun and have their photo shot….cost2 You too can be king for a day. I was not allowed to take pictures in the kitchen section of the Palace which I also toured, but happily, there are plenty of places to see food fit for a king in Istanbul (see below). Along the way to lunch, I saw two boys, brothers, all dressed up. Why? Because in Islamic tradition, at least in Turkey, boys are not circumcised until they are six or seven—- ouch!!! I don’t think these lads have any idea what they are being marched off to have done to them! cost4cost5 Sometimes Moms cannot be trusted.

Returning to a more pleasant subject, Turkey is an incredibly fertile country where everything imaginable grows. If your image of Turkey is a desert country, forget about it. It’s mostly more like the Napa valley! Here for example is a fruit tree right next to the Byzantine Palace Mosaics museum. cost7

Back to food…. here is fruit of all kinds including beautiful pomegranites. cost8 If you don’t fancy that, then how about some, borek, or Iskender kabab, or pepper dolma (pepper stuffed with rice and yummy minced meat), or beans in rich tomato sauce, or some red hot chili peppers. Let me tell you, the Mexicans have nothing on the Turks when it comes to producing and eating hot peppers, and chili sauce and etc. cost9cost10

After reading this post you are allowed a one hour break to go and have lunch and dress up in costumes.

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