Turkey 2016 Part Twelve– The Euphrates


According to the Bible, two of the rivers that flowed from or by Eden were the Tigris and the Euphrates, both of which are in the very area of eastern Turkey we were visiting….. above are the pictures of the Euphrates today, post the building of the Ataturk dam. eu5 And here’s my friend Meltem stepping in the river, followed by a picture of somebody else’s foot in the river… (guess who).

eu6eu7eu9 Here is the dam that made possible the regulating of the river….eu10
According to Meltem, this dam now provides water for all the people in the southeastern portion of Turkey, and enough for the irrigation of 3 million square acres of land. We need far more hydroelectric power in America, which is clean energy. One of the things it does is provide irrigation for the pistachio trees pist1

pist2pist3pist4pist5 There are both male and female pistachio trees and they need each other to produce a crop. The males are useless alone (ain’t it the truth, in trees and people too…).

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