Turkey 2016 Part 25– the Asclepion at Kos

Let’s start with a drawing of what the giant Asclepion temple would have originally looked like when completed.
asclep1 And here’s an artist’s rendering—asclep2 asclep25To say this place was massive is an understatement, and it required some real effort to get up to the temple site.

asclep5asclep6 The lower terrace is interesting as well, where we found one creature bringing his offering for a sacrifice. asclep7 In case you’re wondering he has a still live lizard in his mouth….asclep8 There is a fountain on the lower terrace with an image of Pan on it….asclep34asclep9aclep11asclep12asclep13 Here’s the view from the upper terrace where the temple actually was…asclep14 Here’s the remains of the naos of the temple….asclep20

There is a small museum of the Asclepion.asclep15asclep16asclep17asclep22 Notice the votives of the various body parts people came to have healed here, notably often the genitals. asclep23

In the little museum there are various dedicatory inscription stones such as these….. asclep29asclep28asclep27asclep31asclep32asclep33

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