Turkey 2016–Part 26– The Hippocratic Institute

Among the various surprising things on the island of Kos is the Hippocratic Institute, where doctors and others meet who are interested in the pursuit of the goals of good medicine. Hippocrates and Galen were the two most famous ‘founders of medicine’ in antiquity, and Hippocrates in particular took a more passive, let the body heal itself approach, with the motto ‘do no harm’. Here’s a bust of the man himself found in the museum at the Institute….hip1 Here is perhaps a more exact image of Hippocrates….hip2 We know something of what he looked like also from ancient coins….hip3 There is a famous festival of ancient medicine celebrated at the Asclepion each year…..hip4 Here are replicas of Hippocrates’s patient’s couch and doctor’s chair….hip5hip6

Here are some of the medical instruments of that era….hip7hip8hip8 Here is a marble relief showing a patient being attended to, by a deity. The ancients did indeed believe you needed divine help to be healed…hip10hip11 Medicine and healing are also themes that sometimes show up on Greek vases…hip12 This depicts Achilles doing the medical tasks.hip16

Here is a statue of the god Asclepius, hip17
And here are some interesting posters about the herbs used in healing and other processes such as back stretching devices and Hippocratic assumptions about the body…. hip19hip21hip22hip23hip24hip25

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