Turkey 2016–Part Twenty Seven— Kaunos

One of our last stops before going into port at Marmaris (a truly touristic town, where apparently even Jesus has a shop)…..kau1 is the ancient city of Kaunos. Here is the sign at the site…..kau2 Kaunos was once a port city but as with Ephesus and other such cities, the harbor silted up…..kau8kau3 We did not visit the high fortifications at Kaunos see here…kau4 Rather we toured the ancient theater….. here’s the vomitorium or exit ramp for the actors…kau5 One can tell from the size of the theater this was once a considerable city….kau16kau17kau6kau7 The most interesting feature of this theater is the pivot, which is not the same as the speaker’s spot….kau7 This thing, called a periaktos in Greek, actually revolted, as described below….kau9kau10kau13

The city lasted well into the Roman era, for here are the ruins of the Roman baths….kau14 There was a circular temple near by….kau15

For best orientation, here is a grid plan of the city….kau12 There were narrow streets down into the agora, where there was a chesme, or fountain….kau18kau20 The walls of the city were formidable…kau22 But without question the most impressive feature of the city was its necropolis, or city of the dead, carved out of the cliffs nearby….kau25


In some ways it was nice to return to land at beautiful Marmaris, the favorite vacation spot for the British of all these seaside towns…W3UgX7gT6fG_jaFfEKmJiNn3SufeKnOEKzVWOpfxU9A,ycdRDs-KxgJhkuzVjFsc-b50gTpBU5cMV8YRx4QN1Vs


The basic three part structure of these ancient towns entailed— a city of the dead, a city of the living, and on the acropolis the city of the gods…..

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