Turkey 2016– Part 29– Gobeckli Tepe II

Snuggled in between the Tigris and the Euphrates (as was the garden of Eden according to Genesis), is Gobeckli Tepe, which means pot-bellied hill. go25 Today the site is mostly under roof for protection, with the current roof being temporary….go26 it is difficult to get at, or see a lot of the standing monoliths, frankly. This was not the case when I first visited this site some years ago. go27 The radiometry studies show some 20 circles to be excavated, but in 20 years, only five or so of them have begun to be unearthed, some more thoroughly than others, particularly the ones from 1995-2002. Today it is hard to get good shots what with all the supporting beams etc. go28go29 To some extent, one has to rely on the older photographs by Klaus Schmidt and others….go30go31go32go34go35go36 The following photo shows you that there were spiraling enclosures as well as rectangular ones….go37 The enclosure descriptions are helpful as well…..go38go39go40 In the next post, I will share mostly my own shots of this incredible sanctuary site….

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