Turkey 2016–Part 32— Urfa Mosaic Museum

There are a few more items to note from the new Urfa museum and then a few to note from the separate new mosaics museum in Urfa. Firstly, here is a nice depiction of a Roman funeral procession heading to the necropolis….urf1 And here is the sort of Roman who would have been in such a cortege….urf5urf2 Here is a statue of Nike, the goddess of victory from the NT era….urf3 This is a bust from Syria, with a Syrian inscription. Note the woman’s headdress….urf4

Having been to the Zeugma museum, anything would pale in comparison to that, but the mosaics from houses and tombs in Urfa are still worth seeing. Here is a depiction of what the amazon mosaic would have looked like in toto originally….urf6urf7urf8 Like the Byzantine palace mosaics, the large Amazon mosaic features animals….urfa8urfa9 Not to mention amazons….urf10 Here’s Achilles being dipped into a pool, except for his heel….urf11 Here’s Orpheus…urf12urf13 And here’s another hunting amazon woman…urf14urf17

There is much more to see and to tell about such sites in Turkey, but this is enough for one summer adventure……I’ll leave you with the Izmir sunset….Izmir

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