Bourne— Again

It is always difficult to maintain the quality of a series of movies that are filmed over a rather long period of time. It is especially hard when you get to the point of filming a fourth or fifth film in the series. So I went to see this two hour long movie with somewhat low expectations, having read various reviews and watched the trailers (see above). It’s always nice to be surprised in a good way, and I can tell you I was surprised. First of all, ignore the trailers, this film is not mainly a shoot em up bang bang movie, or one endless car chase after another. It is a taught thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Jason Bourne in this film, always well played by Matt Damon, is on the run but would like to learn his own back story, not to mention the story about his father, who as the trailers show, was more involved with the CIA than his son ever knew, nor did he know why his father died. The story has poignancy as Jason quests for the truth about his own and his father’s identity. It turns out there was a lot to learn about Richard and David Webb. Tommy Lee Jones returns as Robert Dewey the head of the CIA, and does his usual excellent job of playing a despicable person. The new kid on the blog is a rising star in the agency, Heather Lee, played admirably by Alicia Vikander. As to whether one will like this film or not, it depends on whether you like Jason Bourne, a mad suffering from PTSDs and memory loss and flashbacks, who would indeed like to find out his own true story. If you care about the character and also would like to find out the backstory, this is the summer blockbuster for you, which of course has the required suspense, car chases, and elimination of bad guys. There won’t be a better thriller out this summer.

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