Life’s a Beach



It’s now official. I have visited beaches all over the world from the northern to the southern hemisphere, and from east to west in North America. And from Singapore to Sydney, from Hong Kong to Hawaii, and the winner of the best beach in the world is pictured in this post— Cherry Grove Beach in North Myrtle Beach S.C. Why is it the best beach you ask? Well, of course because God made it that way, but to give less theological reasons: 1) the Gulf Stream warms the water to a wonderful 70 some degree F in the summer time. So many great beaches in California and elsewhere have no Gulf Stream. The west coast water is normally chilly and often down right cold. In short, the Beach Boys lied to us. While the girls on the beach and the sun and the sand may be great, the water is not much good for anything but surfing with a surf board. True, beaches further south than north Myrtle also have warm water, as do the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, BUT frankly the water is just too warm, not to mention shark warm in places like Florida and the Gulf, and it is not refreshing. Anything over about 72 degrees is TOO warm, and anything under 60 is too cold. Like Goldilocks— Cherry Grove is just right. Furthermore, beaches on the Gulf have no, or almost no waves… its more like a big bath tub…… not a true beach. 2) the second reason Cherry Grove is the best beach is because it has a huge strand of soft sand, and the decline into the water is gradual and easy. No tearing your feet up with bad shells or rocks on this beach or in the water, which leads to the third reason 3) the waves are normally gentle, and you can body surf them, as I’ve done for over 50 years. You don’t need an expensive surf board— its’ just you and the waves and lots of fun. 4) This beach is the northern most one in South Carolina and it dead ends into the Inlet. No traffic in and out like almost all other beaches. No through roads, just one way in. Walking to the inlet is great, and you can watch the clamming and the fishing. 5) there is normally a nice breeze at this beach, sometimes south to north, and sometimes vice versa. It is usually very pleasant, not beastly hot like beaches further south. 6) there is awesome seafood near by, and you can buy and cook your own, as we often do. 7) there are a zillion golf courses, and also fun miniature gold courses. This beach and its environment is family perfect. 8) this is a protected beach as it sits at a 45% angle to the ocean, and avoids the brunt of frontal attacks by hurricanes. I’m not sure why God made only one perfect beach, but I’m glad I get to visit it once a year……. 🙂

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