Theophany— Psalm 18 Revisited


Heaven heaved
And God came down,
Riding on the wind.
The mountains trembled
The earth it quaked
The trees began to bend.

Fire and ice
Thunder and lightning
Accompanied the condescension
Who could stand
Against such forces
Who had comprehension?

In anger fierce
His nostrils flared
Color suffused his face
The God of all creation
Came to show he cared.


He rescued me from chaos waters,
He plucked me from the sea
He put my feet back on dry ground
At death’s door, then set free…

I will extol the Mighty One
Whom I love passionately
I will recount his mighty deeds
That he has done for me.

I serve a living savior
The creator of us all
I’ve found that he is ever ready
To hear his loved one’s call.

I do not need to beg and plead
Or belabor what’s gone wrong
I simply open up my mouth
And sing this victory song.

July 14 2016

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