Quote of the Day from CKB


As some of you know, I am transcribing C.K. Barrett’s sermons for publication next year, and there is some unbelievably rich material in these sermons. They are unlike many of the Methodist and Biblical sermons I have ever heard or read, in the degree of their insight and profundity. Here is a quote for today.

“I see a good deal of the intellectual side of Christianity, and I do my best to practice it; but I begin to suspect that one of the main reasons why Christians cut so little ice today is that there isn’t enough warmth about them to melt anything; they don’t look as if their Christianity is doing them much good. You know the old story of the steward who went to the station to meet a visiting preacher he did not know by sight. He approached a stranger: ‘Excuse me are you the preacher?’ ‘No, it’s indigestion that makes me look like this.’” – C.K. Barrett

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