‘You are Free to Decide Wrong’—- CKB on Matthew 28


In the course of a sermon on Matthew 28.16-20, and in commenting on the way the risen Christ uses his power and authority, C.K.Barrett rightly stops to reflect on the rather amazing response of some to seeing the risen Jesus—–

“Do you notice the three extraordinary, astounding words that Matthew slips in? The risen glorious Jesus appears, and, of course, they worshipped him. But Matthew adds ‘but some doubted’. Even then! You see there was no compulsion. Not even then would he compel worship, acceptance. He does not use his authority that way. You look, listen, think, decide, and you are free to decide wrong.”

Amen to That. Jesus, as it turns out, was a Jew from Nazareth, not a theologian from Geneva.

Think on these things.

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