Take Me Home Country Roads—- WVU View


Morning Morgantown. It was a great song by Joni Mitchell, but I doubt she ever visited the one in West Virginia, home of West Virginian U. and the Mountaineers. The pictures above are of the downtown campus, and yes that is a mass transit monorail of sorts because…. well, its very hilly!! I was there to give a couple of lectures….. wvu3a
And the lectures went quite well. I was there with my friend, Aaron Gale who is the head of the religion department at WVU. This is us at the homecoming game of WVU vs. Kansas State. wvu4

The game was a fingernail biter, but the right team won. wvu5
Yes that’s the starship enterprise! It landed on the field somehow, during halftime. wvu6wvu7 The game was fun, although I went mostly deaf in one ear from the cheering for about a day. Those kids these days—- they cheer loud!! It must be all that loud rap music they listen to.

Lest you worry, my hearing came back….and Aaron was able to share some important things in his life— like this beautiful painting in his office. Aaron is Jewish and lives in a lovely neighbor, atop yet another hill. wvu8wvu9 More in the next post.

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