Take Me Home Country Roads– Country Crafts and Bridges

On Sunday we had some time off from all that academic stuff, and decided to take a ride to the edge of Maryland where there was a Mennonite restaurant and craft village plus a historic bridge of interest. Let’s start with the bridge wvu11

This bridge is from the 18th century and is of some significance as Washington and General Braddock seem to have crossed the river here. wvu12wvu13wvu14wvu15wvu15wvu23

But there is far more to see than an interesting bridge. They have moved 18th and 19th century log cabins here from several nearby spots. wvu25wvu17wvu18wvu19wvu20
These cabins now contain the work of many different types of artists and artisans. I happened to visit Mrs. Lancaster who was an amazing color pencil artist. Here’s her cabin and an example of her work.
And just in time for Halloween there are some interesting ancient gravestones—
wvu26Of course man cannot live on history alone, so we ate the Gospel bird (i.e. fried chicken) and numerous yummy vegetables at this restaurant—called for no good reason the PennAlps restaurant— it’s neither in Pennsylvania, nor near the Alps, but perhaps the Mennonites are just wishful thinkers….wvu27

Three guesses as to what type of food this is—–wvu28 No, it is not bird’s nest soup. The entire weekend was grand, thanks to A+K Gale, and the Fall was not so far along that there weren’t still plenty of beautiful flowers around. wvu30 A good time was had by all!

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