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When people are troubled, there is always hope. I will tell you how I have seen that happen. I have seen people begin their studies in a severe self-confidence, a far greater confidence that they have settled the problems of theology than I dare admit. And I have no hope of their learning anything worth learning until they begin to be troubled, to see that the ocean of truth is a bigger thing than the parish pool they thought of. Bishop Westcott was once asked why there is in the Prayer Book no prayer for theological students. ‘Oh, but,” he said, “there is.” “Which is it then?” “Why the one headed ‘for those at sea.’” Well let me have the person that is at sea, rather than the one who is roped up to his home port, and has never ventured out. Whenever a person is troubled in mind, in spirit, or in conscience, there is hope. — C.K. Barrett

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