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“Elsewhere in this letter Paul says ‘all things are lawful for me; but I shall not let myself fall into the power of any of them.’ Here is the first clue. God has given us—most of us—a rich wealth of possibilities. There is human love to enjoy, loving and being loved. There is the realm of things, things that can be bought and sold in the process of which we increase our wealth and multiply our resources. There is the world—so full (if I may quote another source) ‘of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings’: the exercise of the body, the exercise of the mind. God put human beings into the world and said ‘subdue and rule it, make it yours, enjoy your gifts.’ But the trouble comes when a human being becomes so devoted to the exercise of his gifts that he becomes their slave. He no longer rules his environment, his environment rules him. This is the real fault of a permissive society. How many a young man and a young woman thought that sex would be fun, and went on and on until they found themselves the slaves of it, always having to seek for some new twist, some new position to stimulate and titillate? How many a person thought a bit of drugs would be fun, and found himself the slave of a habit he could not control? How many a person, how many a church member, set out to get himself a comfortable life by buying and selling so as to make money, and in the end found himself the slave of the money he had made? The horror of permissiveness is that it ends in bondage.”

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