The Hardest of Tasks

The Hardest of Tasks November 14, 2016


I am saying that the great problems—economic, social, political—have a theological element in them and if that element is eliminated, the problems will not be solved. For our contribution runs deep… Half, or any higher proportion you like, of our political, social, economic problems are due to those who precipitate all these problems with no more than a half-baked theology to support them. Whatever you do, learn your theology properly. You need it in every department of ministerial life. You need it when you preach to simple people—not always as simple as they may appear—as they gather in our village chapels. They deserve the best you can give them, profound truth expressed—the hardest of tasks—in the most straightforward and intelligible language. Only, for God’s sake, talk to them about things that really matter and are part of their own life. You need it when you stand on the street corner and address the passing crowds, for the good news is always a theological proposition. — C.K. Barrett

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