Star Wars— Going Rogue

When you have a sequel to the prequels that has as its sequel the original three Star Wars movies (plus last year’s installment), things can get confusing fast, especially if you are not literate in ‘Star Wars’ sagas. And sure enough, this movie, which consists at the outset with all new characters, not to mention a flurry of new planets and moons is confusing, even for those with whom the Force is strong. You might need Yoda to sort it out, or at least a read through some of the advanced reviews. Ann and I saw the movie today, first official day of issue, with about 20 others who like 3D glasses. Here’s some good news—- it is well done, and the central character played by Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso is both likable and one cares about her story. And yes Diego Luna is good too as Cassian Andor her partner in the ‘rebellion’. Lucasfilms has done well.

This movie is a stand alone film that bridges the gap between the Clone Wars etc. prequels and the famous first three films, this could have presented some problems with continuity except that, as a stand alone film (spoiler alert) none of the new characters are really carried forward. I will say no more. There are cameo appearances along the way by Dark Vader and his familiar Empire henchmen, Princess Lea, and don’t blink or you will miss C3PO and R2D2. Otherwise, we are not recycling. Having seen the film in 3D, I would say its well done, especially in some of the battle scenes towards the close of the film. The film is indeed long— 133 minutes, so one wonders whether its very suitable for small kids. We also have familiar motifs like a plethora of interesting but weird looking alien creatures, the usual desert and tropical forest kind of planets, and the usual special effects too.

All in all, the movie is a worthy addition to the franchise, and certainly good Christmas season fun. There are no sex scenes, no bad language, and not a lot of gratuitous violence either. And yes, there is humor, as usual, in the form of a snarky robot. I would expect that the next film in the franchise will be a sequel to last Christmas’ extravaganza. Whether the Force is with Disney or not, clearly the lucrative franchise is. Stay tuned for more fun with Death Stars and the rebellion.

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