A CKB Quote for Inauguration Day


This is where we can and must talk about Christianity and politics, Christianity and the social order. We are commanded to glorify God in these departments of life. We are not to think of ourselves as our own. A sermon is not the place to work this out in the details of economics and I don’t propose to lower my office as a minister of the Word. But it is well within my office to ask whether a system, whatever it be, which tolerates extremes of wealth and poverty, or which lives by propaganda and the suppression of the truth, or which has no sanction other than force, does glorify God or not. Whether it glorifies the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, or some other god, Mars or Odin, blood or race. But there is more to say than that, for a system of complete equality and liberty, of freedom from want and fear, might nevertheless be the most idolatrous system the world has known. For we have to glorify not humankind but God, so that we have not rightly understood the material things of life until we see them as parables of God’s truth.

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