Invitation 2: First Things Has Arrived!


I’m very pleased to tell you that the second edition of my NT Introduction for Oxford University Press is now available both on Amazon and at the OUP website. It differs from the first edition in having additional Paul chapters, and a lot more helps for the student, as well as celestial resources online for teachers (including quizzes). It is the only Introduction of its kind, in that it provides an oral and rhetorical, indeed a socio-rhetorical guide to the whole NT.

New to this Edition:

Provides more discussion of the content of the New Testament itself–and simpler, reduced coverage of complex historical context–making the text more accessible for freshmen students taking the survey course
Weaves the discussion of the New Testament itself throughout the narrative in section-by-section content outlines, summaries of events and teachings, and reflections on theological interpretation
A revised and expanded Part Three provides more comprehensive coverage of Paul’s letters
A glossary at the end of the text defines key terms
Revisions and streamlining throughout the text make for a more accessible overall presentation

Here are the links for your convenience—-

My T.A. Joy Vaughan and I learned a lot from reading the feedback of teachers and lay people, and I believe we have accomplished a revision that responds to every good suggestion about improvement. Check it out and see what you think.

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