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In Jesus we know what God is like. Half the mental suffering one meets springs from wrong ideas about
God. Because they have found God in themselves, or in nature, or in philosophy, as

soon as suffering comes, people develop a grudge against the universe. Their God is
no bigger than themselves, and they hate him and revile him, as you may, I am told,
see a savage beating his idol when things have gone wrong. But we meet another God
in Jesus, a God who is Master and Lord. Not that we get from him a kind of answer
book to the problems of life. That would do us no good. I was told recently that in a
certain university, it has become necessary to change the Hebrew grammar, lest the
presence of a key prevent persons from writing honest exercises. We meet God in the
darkness round about the Cross, and even when he reveals himself, he does so in a
cloak of mystery—but it is about the mystery of love.

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