One Shining Moment— UNC’s Sixth National Championship

If you’ve been paying attention, since 1957 when Carolina won it’s first national championship with a 3 overtime win over Wilt Chamberlain’s Kansas team— in Kansas!! no team, other that John Wooden’s 1960s-70s UCLA teams has either played in as many Final Fours (20) or won as many (6). Or put a different way, in the modern era of shot clock, 3 pointers, and dunking since 1982 when Michael Jordan made THE SHOT, no team at all has won as many championships (5) as UNC.

The most telling fact of all is the consistent excellence, in all six of those decades. Teams rise and fall, but only twice since 1974 has UNC not made the NCAA tourney. Carolina has had exactly only one-and- done player since 2006— one. And I would say, that’s just not the way to have consistent excellence, never mind academic integrity on a basketball team. Frank McGuire, Dean Smith, and Roy Williams have worked hard to do it the right way. This year’s team, like last year’s team was dominated by juniors and seniors who do not merely play for themselves or their chances in the NBA thereafter— they play for the name on the front of the jersey—- UNC.

Go Tar Heels!!

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