Luminescence— Vol. One The Sermons of CKB


I am extremely pleased to tell you that the first volume of C.K. Barrett’s sermons is about to show up on Amazon as well as on the Wipf and Stock website, with major endorsements by Barclay, Dunn, Moberley, Willimon, Timothy George and many others. Many of you have been enjoying the excerpts I’ve been posting in the last nine months as I have worked on the sermons, and asked when they could get the whole shebang. Well, you can start getting it now. There will be four volumes in all, three from Cascade, and one from the Methodist Publishers. And yes, like various other Cascade books, you can soon look for it on Kindle, but I will tell you now, the paperback is a top draw production with excellent pictures of various things as well.

Enjoy, and be inspired.

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