Nola in Spring— Part One

Ah Nola (which is short for New Orleans La.). It is a city of many faces and flavors. It is one of the birth places of classic jazz, and the place where Cajun meets Creole meets ole Southern cooking and creates an amazing gumbo. Me personally, I’m partial to the charbroiled oysters and the red snapper lightly breaded, not to mention the crawfish poboys etc. I was in Nola for the next to the last Greer-Heard forums, for a friendly and congenial dialogue with my old friend and colleague, A.-J. Levine of Vanderbilt fame. Here’s the poster—


Of course there was time for some cafe au lait and some beignets too. Here’s we are enjoying the Big Easy….

And going to Snug Harbor to see the Marsalis band….
nola3 They don’t call it Snug Harbor for nothing. We were packed in like sardines. You’re liable to see most anything in Nola, the home of parades and partying, where, as the saying goes— the odd get even. Bet you’ve never heard of a fishin rodeo….. this sign was hanging just outside Morning Call, a favorite coffee shop in the big and beautiful city park in Nola.

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