Nola in Spring– Part Two


Spring is of course also Lent, and the Easter season, and so various houses in the French Quarter were all decorated for occasion with the appropriate Easter colors.


Quite naturally you expect to see some Southern belles in their finery in Nola at this season, and when we did the house tour of the French Quarter we were not disappointed.

Nola is predominantly a Catholic city, no surprise what with the French heritage, and here is a sad reminder of the old days— a husband and wife buried in adjoining graveyards, one a Protestant, one a Catholic.

While most everyone has heard of Mardi Gras, a barbarized version of the French word for Tuesday (mardi) and the French word for fat (graisse), what too few know is that this is the day before Ash Wednesday when one begins the Lenten fast. Actually, Mardi Gras as a celebration of last minute gorging and binging and parading and lassez la bon temps roulez, began not in Nola but in Mobile, but that is a story for another day. Here is a painting of revelers at Mardi Gras in a fine house in the French Quarter.


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