Nola in Spring– Part Three


There are all manner of houses in the French Quarter from the squalid to the splendid, and some dating back to the Napoleonic era when America did not own the Louisiana Purchase. The house above is one of my favorites, and it comes with a nice vintage car as well! One of the tell tale signs is the typical French ornate railings on balconies and elsewhere.


During the earlier eras of New Orleans people were taxed on the basis of how wide a house and how many windows one could afford, and this resulted in many long narrow houses in the Quarter and elsewhere, often with slave quarters at the back of the house, and in between a garden, patio, etc. The first house we visited was the oldest, from the 18th century owned by one Mr. Patout, who had kept it in the family. Here is some of what we saw. Notice how small the kitchen is…


In the shot below and behind the TV, we have a giant linen press (i.e. closet).

Here’s a Napoleonic clock…


Obviously, one has to have plus argent to live in the Quarter these days, and some folks decide to live like their ancestors with period furniture and the like, but most go for renovation and a more modern home, though with a period exterior of course. One big problem—Parking! These houses do not have drive ways nor are their carriage houses any more either.

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