Nola in Spring– Part Six

On the whole I enjoy seeing the older houses with older furniture etc, but I’d rather live in one of the more modernized houses in the quarter, though I could do without some of the decor and art etc. you find in these house. For example, here is a beautiful old four poster bed in the Patout house

Or consider this old bed with hand-carved spindles….


Or consider the old traditional variegated ceiling both one partially refurbished and another completely refurbished…


Not everyone however can afford such upgrades, never mind a French baccarat chandelier!!

I think in the winter or early Spring I would spend most of my time on the patio enjoying the breeze and perhaps sipping an appropriate cold beverage. They make a nice peach ice tea in Nola. Most everything grows in the subtropical heat and humidity in Nola, so you can have some exotic plants like bougainvilla or palm trees.
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