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The Church lives by the Word of God, that is why theology is ministerium verbi
divini. I suspect we are in danger of forgetting among our many interests the creative
and renewing power of the Word of God; that the sermon is the means of the real
presence of Christ. Of course I am not speaking of religious and moral chats. I am

speaking of the manifestation of the living Word through the spoken word from the
written word in which the stumbling utterance of one who may be anything but a
popular preacher becomes the σάρξ which is the bearer of the Word, the eternal Son. C.K. Barrett

"Indeed I do. Read my book The Living Word of God."

Why I Believe the Bible
"You are 100% incorrect. Do you have an argument to make?"

Why I Believe the Bible
"If you had been born in Saudi Arabia, you'd be saying the same thing about ..."

Why I Believe the Bible
"Clearly you never read the Bible I've read in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Sad...... BW3"

Why I Believe the Bible

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