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Theology is right if it starts with Jesus; it is wrong if it starts anywhere else. The first, but not the second of these statements is, I know, an oversimplification; it is possible to start with Jesus and take many turnings on the way. But it will not do….it is still true that people start their
theology in strange places and build it up on foundations other than Jesus. There are

professional theologians who do it. It is sadder when those who are not professionals
do it, for they often do not see, and cannot be expected to see, what they are doing.—– C.K. Barrett

"Indeed I do. Read my book The Living Word of God."

Why I Believe the Bible
"You are 100% incorrect. Do you have an argument to make?"

Why I Believe the Bible
"If you had been born in Saudi Arabia, you'd be saying the same thing about ..."

Why I Believe the Bible
"Clearly you never read the Bible I've read in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Sad...... BW3"

Why I Believe the Bible

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