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Commenting on Rev. 11.8 Kingsley Barrett says this:

Sodom means sin. It has given its name to a particularly unpleasant perversion
of human functions. I was interested to see in Tuesday’s Times a paragraph noting the
publication of a new book demonstrating that “homosexuality, adultery, beastiality,
and fornication are all explicitly and consistently repudiated throughout the Bible.”

What a sign of our times that it should be necessary to write such a book! As if anyone
could be in any doubt that the Bible disapproves of sodomy! But I don’t think we
should misunderstand the allusions too narrowly. The place where Jesus was crucified
is the place where God’s creature, is perverted and twisted, and men’s and women’s
minds and bodies are put to uses for which they were never intended. Sodom means
the human perversion of God’s good creation. And we live in something not unlike
Sodom today.

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