Thought for the Day from Fred Barrett— on Worship


The praise should be as beautiful as can be, with nothing slovenly and tawdry about the singing and nothing careless about the reading of God’s word. The prayer, you will agree, should be as soulful and deliberate as talking with God ought to be and the sermon as fittingly phrased and delivered as is becoming of the eternal Gospel. And this is not only for preachers and members of the choir, but for all. The idea is of worship in company, communal worship if you will. And you have not worshipped if you have simply been present at a service, you must participate in it. If you have a voice like a crow it is evident that the Lord did not mean you to be in the choir, and it is no use getting cross with the choir master because he won’t have you. You are not thereby refused admission into the chorus of praise. I hope the day will never come when paid singers or skilled musicians do all the praying for us. “Let the people praise Thee! Let all the people praise Thee!”

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