More Irish Blessings— Dark Hedges

Ann and I saw many things whilst traveling all over Ireland, and certainly one of the most memorable things is simply seeing the beautiful landscape, remarkable coastlines and the like. Ireland is where much of Game of Thrones is filmed and one can readily see why. When they are not in a giant studio in Belfast (directly behind the Titanic museum, but more on that later), they are all over the island shooting scenes. For example, this remarkable stand of trees, called dark hedges, divided by a small lane should look familiar. itreeitree2itree3

Then there are the castle ruins all over the place, both inland, and along the seaside, such as in this case, along the northwest coast of Ireland….icast2icast

In fact, though Ireland is a small island (about the size of Indiana) there is so much to see, that you can’t do it all in a week, or even two weeks. If you’re going, plan a longer stay. It’s well worth it….. if you don’t mind dodging a few raindrops, of which they have more than their share.

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