Stone Cold Home

2017-05-23 10.07.20

If you live in Kentucky like me, you’ve seen a lot of this. Stonewalls stacked up perfectly, with no mortar. All these stone walls in Kentucky we owe to the Irish migration in the middle of the 19th century due to the potato famine. They brought their stone masons, their whiskey (aka bourbon), their Catholic priests, their jockeys, and their horses. I have just described not only the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, I’ve describe a good deal of what characterizes Ireland.

But it wasn’t just walls done that way. Here behold the shepherd’s cottage in the field where he has to watch sheep. Why did he need it? Umm… did I mention rain, and wind in Ireland. scsc1sc5 And then there’s the sheepfold, sc6sc9

Sheep don’t need high doors, but if the shepherd was going in there, he had to be really short or bent over. sc10

But where are the sheep or lambs you say? They are around.

Wouldn’t you know it, my wife snagged one!!
sc14 No honey, you can’t keep it. They will come and take you away in a paddy wagon….. oops, there’s the paddy wagon!!

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