The Burren–Poulnabrone

There are a number of Stone Age and Neolithic sites to be seen in Ireland, and they are all quite interesting. We are going to spend some time in the Burren in this post. Here first of all is some sign posting to get us started. burbur2bur3bur4bur6bur7bur8

That’s enough signs for a while. This limestone formation is truly bizarre and interesting. It looks like someone created a bunch of ruts or even crevices in a field of solid limestone. And not incidentally these crevices make for nice sheltered space for all sorts of plants to grow, and I do mean all sorts. bur9bur10bur11bur12 Notice the ferns. You have everything from semi-tropical plants right up to normal northern European plants. bur13 Notice the ivy. Most anything grows in these crevices. Were than not enough you have ancient portal tombs as well. bur14bur15

In short this island was inhabited long long before there were any Irish. It was inhabited by stone age persons. They may have already been here before 8,000 B.C. And this site, with all its limestone crevices puts the stone back in stone age. It’s remarkable. How did these people get here? Well it depends on what you believe about continental drift way back yonder. And about all those crevices? How come the rain water only melted some limestone and not other bits. How come just in those long lines, and not on the adjacent stone? I do not know.

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