Luminescence Vol. 2— the Sermons of C.K. Barrett


There are sermons, and then there are sermons, and the sermons of C.K. Barrett are some of the best Evangelical sermons of the 20th century— full of good Biblical and Wesleyan content, excellent in the applying and illustrating of God’s Word, model sermons for how it can and should be done. And the results are in— the homileticians and other scholars all agree— this is must reading for those who want to be good preachers, or to be better ones. This volume includes Barrett’s sermons on Paul’s letters, the rest of the NT (after the Pauline corpus), and his OT sermons– a great cross section of material. This volume is much cheaper on the Wipf and Stock website— and you can order at Check out their website. The Kindle version is also very much cheaper, and will be available soon on Amazon. So….. check this out. You won’t regret it. All those quotable quotes I’ve posted on this blog are from these volumes of his sermons.

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