Dingle and Dingle Bay

Dingle was another seaside village we enjoyed, which had excellent seafood, and some interesting shops. For instance… Foxy John’s Hardware and Pub (yes you heard that right). din I told them they needed a sign out front that said— ‘Come here and get hammered’. There were other interesting shops in town as well… like the Temperance Hall right across from Benner’s Hotel where we stayed. din1 There were art shops…

din3 And trinket shops…
din4 But this shop is named after the star of Dingle Bay ‘Fungie’ so called because he is a dolphin who is a fun guy, who comes out to entertain the boats that tour the bay. Here he is…
din5 And there he goes….
din6 No one really knows why he hangs out in the bay and entertains the tourists. He seems to be alone. But back to the bay itself… this was our best boat trip on the tour….well worth it…
din7din8 We actually left the bay and went around the corner to see the sea cliffs. din10din12 The colors of the cliffs were really remarkable. We also saw other boats, and a lighthouse, and a castle tower.
din13din14din16 A good time was had by all, including Fungie…

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