The Cliffs of Moher (not less)

We were eager to vist the Cliffs of Moher (pronounced More), in Co. Clare. The cliffs stretch 5 miles from Hag’s Head (390 feet) in the south to Doolin in the north. The highest point is 700 feet. The cliffs get their name from Fort Moher/Mothar once located at Hag’s Head. The cliffs are composed of layered shale, sandstone and flagstone containing marine fossils.

In 2007 the Visitors Centre was opened. For ecological reasons, it was built under ground. We enjoyed the multimedia screen presentation showing a bird’s eye view from the cliffs, and a seal’s eye view from the water. There are an estimated 30,000 birds living on the cliffs – including puffins and razorbills. Feral goats also roam about.mohmoh1moh2moh5moh7 Climbing to the top is a bit of a hike, but well worth it. The views are spectacular…moh8 After climbing the hill you may be puffin—


The programs in the underground visitor’s center are well worth the time…moh9moh13

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