Thor— End of Days (Ragnarok)

Thor— End of Days (Ragnarok) November 4, 2017

Marvel keeps adding stars to its universe, and continues to cross fertilize various of its comic book lines. This time, we have Thor and Hulk teamed up, an unlikely pair if there ever was one, except for the smash and thrash part and oh yeah, the lack of great intelligence. This story however is primarily focused on Thor’s mythological universe, and so on Asgaard, indeed on the demise of Asgaard. In order to make this movie more than just another smash and thrash CG adventure, the producing and directing reigns were handed over to an actor and film maker from the land of the Hobbits, namely New Zealand. Taika Waititi enlists some writers with a sense of humor, and bingo— we have the best rated Marvel movie thus far. In one sense the movie is spoof, with Thor not taking himself too serious, Loki not taking himself too seriously, and Hulk not taking himself too seriously, in contrast to Hela— the sister of Thor and Loki, who is all business, the sinister sister from Hell and the goddess of death, played brilliantly by Cate Blanchett.

Being his usual high camp self is Jeff Goldblum who should have been cast in the role of ringmaster to the games in the Hunger Games, but instead plays the part here to the hilt. He is hilarious. Who would ever have thought that the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett, and Jeff Goldblum, would play major roles in the Marvel movies? The result is two hours of great fun, good jokes and sight gags, and of course some reassuring news for those who worried that Stan Lee had run out of ideas (in this movie his cameo is as a sort of Delilah to Thor’s Samson, cutting off his golden locks).

There were plenty of families at this movie which has not even a smidge of sex, no real bad language, and limited mayhem. It’s more about the two hours of the dialogue and interpersonal relationships and the humor. As it turns out, even demi-gods have family issues. Who knew?

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