RIP to my old Apologetics Teacher—- R.C. Sproul

RIP to my old Apologetics Teacher—- R.C. Sproul December 16, 2017


Back at the dawn of time, by which I mean B.C. Before Computer, in the mid-70s I took apologetics at Gordon-Conwell Seminary in S. Hamilton Mass. The instructor was R.C. Sproul. It was an excellent course, as Sproul was known as an ‘evidentialist’ as opposed to a ‘presuppositionalist’ of the mold of C. Van Til. He was full of enthusiasm and good and challenging ideas. It prompted me to purchase a bunch of his Ligoner Valley Study Center cassettes, on a host of topics. Later on, R.C. became a more specific advocate not just for the Christian faith, but for a particular flavor of that faith— the conservative Reformed faith. I preferred the earlier somewhat less sectarian Sproul to the later more dogmatic one, but he was always a good brother, an excellent Christian intellectual who could challenge your socks off. Two days ago he passed away, and here is what Al Mohler had to say about him—

“He was, as the British would say, a man in full. He never made a half-argument, presented a half-correction, preached a half-sermon, or laughed a half-laugh. He was all in, all the time. His voice would fill the room, his preaching would shake the timbers, and his passion would spread like a virus. He showed up as everything he was and with everything he believed – every time.”

Yes indeed, he was a whole hearted, full committed Christian. Would that there were more of them today. May the Lord bless him and keep him, and even now be making his face to shine upon him and grant him peace. Amen

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