At 66

At 66 December 30, 2017


AT 66

Savor the seasons of life all you can
Send all your family a glimpse of His plan
Spend, do not waste, the time which is dear
Save your bright memories as darkness draws near.

Take every chance to stay in the race
Talk all you can about the meaning of grace
Tread very lightly on young people’s dreams
Tell everyone the Lord is what He seems.

Praise all the efforts of those who do care
Practice a patience that’s precious and rare
Play a few games, strive to be carefree
Place no emphasis on the troubles you see.

Cast all your cares on Him who is careful
Cast your net widely, that’s what it’s there for
Count it all joy just being alive
Counting your blessings will help you to thrive.

Open your hands to your neighbors, your friends
Open your hearts and let strangers in
Open your mind to new thoughts every day
Open your lives, learn how to pray.

Live every day as if it’s your last great one,
Love everyone as if it’s your last chance,
Lead others wisely, be a blessing and boon,

Learn all you can, the final exam’s soon.

BW3 10/20/17

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