Traveling Mercies

Traveling Mercies December 31, 2017



They really weren’t wise
To travel that far
But then pregnant Mary
Didn’t follow a star.

Unlike the sages
Stargazers not kings,
Whose journey to Herod
Led to horrific things.

The shepherds had visitors
Who traveled the most
Their singing was moving,
The heavenly host.

It’s quite unlikely
Luke meant an inn,
For elsewhere in Greek
It’s a guest room for kin.

So not in a barn
But the ancestral home
Twas a short trip for Jesus
Who was not left alone.

Surrounded by animals,
Family and friends
He left quick for Egypt
Lest Herod do him in.

The longest journey
Is the one in our hearts
When Jesus comes calling
His love to impart.

Between hearing and believing
Between doubt and trust
Lies a deep valley,
And cross it we must.

His traveling mercies
Can make a way
If we walk in the light,
He’ll be our day.

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