Pilgrim’s Paean

Pilgrim’s Paean January 1, 2018


The heaven’s open, the clouds do part
To give a glimpse of heavenly art,
The light which shines upon our earth
Reveals his will, his work, his worth.

The highest priest lifts up his hands
The Father gives what he commands
The prayer of priest who intercedes
And speaks of all our human needs.

Now sacrifice of lips and hands
Is what of us our God demands
Since Christ did end in death our need
To offer others that may bleed.

A pilgrim people on their way
Should travel light, in light of day
And keep their eyes fixed on the goal
On One above who saves the soul.

The vision of above, below
Will guide us where we ought to go,
And faith shall grasp what hands cannot
And journey on to unseen spot.

For shepherd shall return one day
And bring his host in bright array
The heavenly city shall descend
And gather all the sheep within.

The priest whose death did here below
Begin his priestly work we know
And above in Holy Space
Offered his life blood in our place.

This priest comes forth from Holy Place
And brings his gifts to his own race
The benefits of death and life
That binds our wounds and ends our strife.

This priest, this Son whom God did raise
We offer now our prayer and praise
And look upon horizon’s bend
As Son comes down and night does end.


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