Exploring Greece, Israel and Jordan– Part Thirty Eight

The Roman General Mummius rather completely destroyed ancient Corinth in about 144 B.C. and then Julius Caesar had it rebuilt along Roman lines. The only major building left standing was the ancient Temple of Apollo, which you can still see today. Both in those pictures and in the one below, you can see an ancient shop where Priscilla, Aquila, and Paul may have worked.

Apollo was like a Swiss army knife— he served many functions, including riding the sun chariot across the sky….here he is radiant! He was also, as we saw at Delphi, the god of prophecy. One didn’t have to climb up to the acropolis or to the temple of Aphrodite up there to worship Apollo.

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Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan– Part ..."
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Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan– Part ..."
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Exploring Greece, Israel, and Jordan— Part ..."

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