The Lead Codices Hoax Exposed

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Avoidance— A Christian Problem

I was sitting in the dentist office, waiting to have my teeth cleaned when I notice a sign sitting on the lower shelf of the divan across from my chair. It had a picture of a man who looked frightened, trying to look away from something.  It had this saying---'Those whose lives are ruled by fear ironically avoid  what is necessary to remove it.'I thought, 'boy is that a Christian problem--- avoidance.'Perhaps it is because we have been taught to 'be nice', to 'play fair',  to 'get al … [Read more...]

More Hurtado on the Sad State of NT PHD Studies

Tools of the Trade . . . Encore larryhurtado | September 5, 2011 at 9:33 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:, my posting yesterday on "Tools of the Trade" has already generated a number of comments, several of which raise some reasonable questions.  So, instead of replying to them individually, I'll try to do so in this further posting.  I'll attempt to be succinct, but this will be longer-than-most-of-mine posting.First, some comments have to do with … [Read more...]

More Animal Crackers (BBC Funny Animals

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Pat Metheny and Jazz Fusion

For close to forty years Pat Metheny, and his right hand man Lyle Mays, have created some of the most influential and popular jazz in the whole post-Coltrane, post-Miles era, and yes he still wears his hair and his shirts as if he was a refugee from the 60s.   As is so often the case, though the Pat Metheny Group (and various individual permutations with Pat teaming up with others or going solo) has had success in the U.S., it has been even more wildly successful in Europe.   On top of all th … [Read more...]

Hurtado on Scripture and Canon

The following is a helpful post by my friend Larry Hurtado."Scriptures" and "Canon" larryhurtado | August 30, 2011 at 10:04 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: few days ago a former PhD student shared with me the anonymised reviews of a book proposal, one of which was a bit ill-tempered, and also ill-informed (and which also directed some of its ire against me).   One of the substantive errors was the claim that it is anachronistic to refer to t … [Read more...]

9-11-01—- Ten Years After

9-11---    Ten Years AfterI was reading the latest issue of CT (Christianity Today) which naturally enough had quotes from various Christian leaders about the impact of 9-11.  The one that hit me the hardest and was most revealing was the one by my friend the good bishop Will Willimon.    Here is what he said:On 9/11 I thought, For the most powerful, militarized nation in the world also to think of itself as an innocent victim is deadly. It was a rare prophetic moment for me, considering … [Read more...]

Marooned at Midnight

Type:There is something magical about going to a good concert.  It moves you, you feel good about life, you remember why you bought that CD or downloaded that song, it reaches you in places that mere words fail to reach.  I've been going to concerts since I was very small indeed, beginning with community concerts of a classical nature which my Mom took me to as a child.  I remember going to see the great violinist Isaac Stern,  who was when he caught me and my friend Jackie Ca … [Read more...]

The Legacy of Martin Hengel–via Larry Hurtado

Whither "New Testament Studies"? larryhurtado | August 26, 2011 at 1:48 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:'ve had advance access to a translation of a provocative essay by Martin Hengel (sadly, no longer with us), newly translated by Wayne Coppins, that re-ignited some questions about where the field of NT Studies is and is going:Martin Hengel, "A Young Theological Discipline in Crisis," in Earliest Christianity:  History, Literature and Theology.  Es … [Read more...]