Truro Church Sermon— Sunday March 13

“Justice!”  the man shouted.  I demand justice.  It’s a frequent cry these days in a world of all sorts of injustice, and the temptation is to take the law into our own hands.   But the Bible tells us that will come to no good end.  Indeed the Bible says that God declares “vengeance is mine. I will repay.”  In other words the justice issues should be left by Christians in God’s hands.  But when we think of justice from a Biblical point of view,  we need to always think about it in light of these … [Read more...]

Civil Rivalry or Un-Civil War? Carolina and Duke

Certainly one of the major trends in my life time, is the coarsening of the culture broadly speaking.  We have TV shows that could never have made it on the air, movies that could never have made it in the theaters,  and pornography all over the internet, which would long ago have been banned from the internet, had the internet begun in say,  1951 when I was born.   Not only so but civil discourse on politics has degenerated into shock jocks and blow hards, who often know little about what they a … [Read more...]

Pearls from Itzak

One of my former Asbury Seminary students, who is a violinist, came up to me in church this morning so excited.  She had met the master  (no not that Jewish Master, another Jewish master--- musician) and gotten his autograph. She was simply bubbling over with joy.   I must admit I was as well after seeing him perform from the third row last Saturday night in Singletary auditorium in Lexington.The story of Itzak Perlman is a moving one.  Born in 1945 in Tel Aviv in what was then called Pale … [Read more...]

Rango’s Fandango Tango

I have seen some strange movies in my time.  You have to understand I grew up watching the Twilight Zone, so I know strange when I see it----- and Rango is got to be the strangest animated film posing as a children's movie I have ever seen.  It is cast as a Western, albeit a Western set in modernity, so there is a tiny 19th century style town called Dirt, and the Mayor has a plot and a plan to buy up all the land and build Phoenix.  I told you it was strange, but then the mayor is turtle who pla … [Read more...]

Coming to a Venue near You— Roaming through Romans

I will be doing a half day seminar on Romans to kick off the Lenten season for Truro Church from 8:30- 1 p.m. next Saturday, March 12th.   Also I will be preaching on Sunday there, March 13th.  This is  in Fairfax Virginia.Ya'll come.     BW3 … [Read more...]

Google Alert— New Witherington article in BAR

Google Alert this morning----  See this link--- … [Read more...]

Mark Rodgers and Bono on Christian musical artists

Here is an article sent to me by Mark Rodgers of the Clapham Group.  See what you think.Bono Asks “Can Christian Artists Ring True?” Posted on February 18th, 2011 in Featured by Clapham GroupRandall Wallace, one of our nation’s best storytellers (screenwriter for Braveheart), spoke the truth this last month at the National Prayer Breakfast. He reminded us that who we are is shaped by our parents, our culture and our choices. But at the same time, the truth is this: we are created by … [Read more...]

Obama Sticking to his Guns….. or Sticking it to Guns

I was minding my own business this morning when I received an email from my Senator---- who is Rand Paul.  In just about his first act in office as a newly minted Senator he decided to rant and rave because President Obama has banned the re-importing of about a million antique  M1 rifles.   It appears that South Korea would like to give us back these antiques--- so gun collectors at gun shows can sell them all over the U.S. and make a profit.   Just what America needs--- more guns sold cheap … [Read more...]

Friday Night with Ellis Marsalis at Snug Harbor

On Friday Nights at Snug Harbor, a tiny jazz club in Nola a elderly gentleman shuffles in at 10 p.m. sharp with his band, sometimes a trio, sometimes a quartet to play exactly an hour and a half of wonderful classic jazz.   The man in question?  The patriarch of the whole musical Marsalis family--- Ellis.   On Friday last I finally got there to see him,  and what an incredible treat it was.  I got to sit right on the front row, and ended up being the roadie for the show because Ellis' son Jason k … [Read more...]