Enough of the sword play—- Luke 22.38

May2008 333

In the recent brouhaha on this blog about Christians and weapons and violence, more than once Luke 22.38 came up as a supposed justification for disciples using swords.  This is in fact a bad misreading of this text, based in part on a bad mistranslation of it.   In the forthcoming commentary on Luke A.J. Levine and I are doing for Cambridge U. Press, here is what is said about this verse------ Vs. 38 is heavy laden with bitter irony in light of the previous verse.  Jesus’ own disciples … [Read more...]

The Ehrman Project

Several Evangelical scholars, including yours truly,  have been asked to contribute to a critique of the various claims of Bart Ehrman in his more popular level books  (e.g. Jesus Interrupted).  There is now a website up and running which brings together all these resources.   You will find it here--- http://ehrmanproject.com/ … [Read more...]

Luke 18.1-14 and the Nature of Prayer


   For reasons not clear to me, Protestant Christians, whom I spend the most time with, seem to have some very funky notions about prayer, that are not well grounded in the Bible, or for that matter the early Jewish practice of prayer.  And some of them are based in a very bad exegesis of what Luke 18 says and implies about prayer.   Luke Johnson in his fine commentary on Luke (p. 274) has this to say about the matter: "The parable itself makes clear that ‘always’ does not support … [Read more...]

Revival 2011 at Myers Park UMC

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Welcome to My New Blog World


Greetings  Friends in Cyperspace.  If you have reached this hallowed ground then you are now at my new blog site.  You will want to look in the upper right hand corner here and subscribe to the feed.   Click on the post button in the top right corner, and it will take you to a page where you can subscribe to the RSS feed and you will get this blog automatically without a lot of searching hither and yon.  For the time being, if you are interested in the vast archives of this blog, there will … [Read more...]