A Recent Review of the three (so far) Art West Thrillers

This review appears in this months  Baptist Today News Journal and was written by Tony Cartledge. ----------------Readers who would enjoy mystery thrillers while picking up biblical and cultural information from the Middle East will find an emerging series of novels by Ben and Ann Witherington to be just their cup of Turkish coffee. Ben Witherington III is an accomplished New Testament professor and author who teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary and St. Andrews University. Ann With … [Read more...]

Your Tax Dollars at Work— Entire Congress Develops Amnesia

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Eros Defended or Eros Defiled– What Do Wesley and the Bible say?

It's  St. Valentine's day,  a day which once was a holy day, and now has become a holiday.  While I could spend some time as I have before on this blog on the subject of who St. Valentine really was,  in the wake of the recent provocations by Jennifer Wright Knust and Michael Coogan trying to reinvent the wheel in regard the Bible's supposedly mixed message on sexual ethics, in particular on the ethics of same sex  sexual intercourse,  it's time to say--- enough, is enough.Neither the Bible, … [Read more...]

Papias gets Reviewed

Papias and the Mysterious Menorah: A Review Posted on February 9, 2011 by Mark Stevens It is unknown to many people, as well as being a well-known New Testament Scholar, movie critic and poet Ben Witherington is an accomplished writer of historical/mystery novels. A few years ago, after completing numerous works (including a commentary on every NT book), Ben and his wife Ann turned to writing historical/mystery novels. As a result the Art West adventure series was born.Papias and the … [Read more...]

Lent and Old Hobbits

Lent will be upon us soon, and time to repent of our bad hobbits, err  habits.   One hobbit I will not be repenting of however is the Peter Jackson produced films of the same name.   Jackson recently had emergency surgery, so the production schedule is a bit behind, but will begin on March 21 as Lent is underway.  All the sites in New Zealand have already been scouted, and it looks like we will see more rather than less familiar faces from the LOTR series in this film as well.   I was hoping to b … [Read more...]

Let Freedom Ring— Even in Egypt

  I have spent a good deal of time in Egypt, that most ancient of all countries, and I like the Egyptian people a lot.  And if you have been paying attention, we have just had an important moment in history this week,  as through moral force, not violence, the Egyptian people have overthrown a much loathed dictator with cries of freedom and democracy.  As Martin Luther King Jr. once said,  there is something in the soul of a human being that cries out for freedom.  And we have heard that cry repe … [Read more...]

On the Road with Jesus

As some of you already know,  last May I took the whole month to do hi def filming in the lands of the Bible.   The goal was to produce introductory level books with a DVD to help lay people and entry level college and seminary students get a sense of the context of the ministry of Jesus, Paul, and other early Christians.    I am pleased to announce that probably about time for Easter, the first On the Road with Jesus book and DVD will be out and will be just as reasonably priced as the Revel … [Read more...]

Why the Ipad is not as Useful as the Newspaper

Kudos to Katya for finding this.   Bw3 … [Read more...]

The Duality Personality Quiz for Christians

THE DUALITY PERSONALITY TESTYou learn a lot about yourself when you are forced to make choices, and there are only two choices.  The following test is meant to be a non-scientific diagnostic test with a pop culture and Christian orientation.   You should be playing in your head the ‘You can give me this, or you can give me that, but please give me this, for this is where’s it at--- do da dippity’ Kia commercial, whilst taking this test.   Remember, no fair not choosing or choosing both.    An … [Read more...]