Philip the Apostle found in Turkey???— Not so Fast

Here is a link to a radio show I did for Issues Etc.  on the supposed finding of the tomb of Philip the Apostle in Hierapolis in Turkey.... … [Read more...]

Stethescope– What Lies beneath the Surface?

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John Stott Remembered— Courtesy of Scot McKnight and James Foster

John Piper sings about John Stott’s expositions.Scott McKnight:John Stott Remembrances Filed under: Uncategorized — scotmcknight @ 9:30 amShare Today I want to open up the Comments to anyone who wants to record memories of John Stott, and you can also drop links to obituaries and memorials about this great man’s ministry. Perhaps you want to comment on what you have learned from him, which of his books has been most influential, or some personal experience.I hope to get a … [Read more...]

The Word on the Streets— The Face of Street Evangelism

David Hull is one of our fine Asbury students who has spent the summer as an intern at IHOP in Kansas City this summer.      He has written the following report.....  Read it carefully.  BW3-----------------Brothers and sisters,As I am approaching the end of my summer internship here at the International House of Prayer, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your prayers and support, as well as for your words of encouragement throughout the summer! These, beyond a shadow of … [Read more...]

Cowboys and Aliens: 1875 meets 2020

Mixing things can be good.   Put a little lime in your ice tea, and it can enhance its flavor.   Hot fudge sauce on ice cream is a great combination.  On the other hand,  mixing orange juice with milk just doesn't work--- it curdles the milk.   What then should one say about a mixed genre movie like Cowboys and Aliens?On the one hand, it comes with the star power of both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, and they don't look out of place in cowboy outfits in the New Mexico territory in the 1870s … [Read more...]

The Norway Killings: What’s the Truth about Islam, Christianity and Violence?

While it may come as a surprise to many,  the mass murderer  Anders Breivick claims to have been inspired by Islamophobic  fundamentalist Christians in America.   And indeed, his 1500 page rant of a manifesto does indeed show considerable influence from jingoistic Americans who have wrongly equated terrorism with the faithful practice of Islam in general.  This is like equating Christianity with the violent actions of  Anders Breivick himself.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Are both Islam and … [Read more...]

Hurtado on Historical Inquiry and Christian Faith

Here is a helpful post by Larry Hurtado about the importance of historical inquiry for Christian faith. (BW3)Historical Inquiry & Christian Origins larryhurtado | July 15, 2011 at 4:00 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: writes:I'm currently in Vancouver teaching a summer course in Regent College.  My course, "Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity", draws upon my research and publications over the last 20+ yearas.It's interesting, … [Read more...]

Corpse Candles— the Dangers of Closed Communities

Readers of this blog will be well aware how much I have enjoyed reading the medieval murder mysteries of Paul Doherty about the 14th century clerk/sleuth known as Hugh Corbett.  The 17th volume I have read in the series (of  17 total thus far) is entitled Corpse Candle and it is a doozy of a mystery.  What is perhaps most interesting about this particular novel is that it becomes a cautionary tale about closed or cloistered Christian communities.  In this case we are talking about monastic life u … [Read more...]

Bad Hombres (circa 1992)– Who Are Those Guys?

This picture was taken in Silverton Colorado in 1992.  Apparently this mob was seen sneaking around the cowboy graveyard there and readin' epitaphs particularly the following:"Here lies the body of Lester Moore,Shot in the back with a 44,No Les,  no more."If you can identify these bad hombres and know their whereabouts, please make it known at this blog site by responding to this post.    That guy posin' as a sheriff looks especially mean. … [Read more...]