Reading the Psalms with the Reformers

Here is an excellent post by my friend and colleague Timothy George, which I am reposting here. See what you think.------In the fourth century, St. Athanasius wrote a letter to a certain Marcellinus, who was likely a deacon in the church in Alexandria. During a long illness, Marcellinus had turned to the study of the Bible and was especially drawn to the Book of Psalms, striving “to comprehend the meaning contained in each psalm.” Athanasius commends this desire, claiming that the Psa … [Read more...]

Americana— The Waco Barbecue Festival

Ah, the Southern Barbecue Festival, and this one was in the back parking lot of the new Baylor Bear football stadium. Of course in Texas beef barbecue (particularly in its brisket form) is king, but in this particular contest ribs were the primary contestants. So the divine swine snuck in through the side door, so to speak. There were five contestants, two from Texas (one from Austin and one from Fort Worth), one from Arkansas, one from Chicago, and one from Nebraska. Apart from the Arkansas … [Read more...]

Gary Hoag’s Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and 1 Timothy– The Journey

Q9.BEN: Gary there is a lot of good detailed work in this book with both the primary and secondary sources, how long did it take you to research and write this book and get it into print?A9.GARY: 10 years spanning from 2006 to 2015. Here’s a summary of the journey.(2006) I began my PhD work at Trinity College (Bristol University) looking at riches in 1 Timothy. I was privileged to have Philip Towner serve as my advisor. That same year Towner had just published the NICNT commentary, The L … [Read more...]

The Jungle Book– A Favreau Favorite at the dawn of time, by which I mean B.C.--- before computer, before cellphone, and even before CG, one of the things parents let children do was read Classics Illustrated. It was the comic book version of certain classics, including the classics by Rudyard Kipling, in this case The Jungle … [Read more...]

May Day May Day—- Values Down

May Day, in ancient Western culture, was the day that men and women took a big bath, after stinking most of the winter, and got all cleaned up and dressed up, and did the mating ritual known as the May pole dance, which in turn led to a season of courting and then marriages as summer dawned in June. If you are wondering where the tradition of June brides come from, it comes from this whole matrix of ideas.As we approach the summer, whilst still in the silly season of political bickering, … [Read more...]

New Testament Theology and Ethics— Now on Kindle!

I'm very happy to report that my NT Theology and Ethics (2 volumes) is now available on Kindle. Marc Axelrod, you have been put on notice :) BW3 … [Read more...]

Further Thoughts on the Shroud of Turin's a video I did for Seedbed, meant to tease your mind into active thought. Having read through the comments a couple of points should be added: 1) in the video sometimes I say cross when I meant cloth. It was taped in one sitting, so c'est la vie; 2) there are various junctures and ways Jesus' nose could have been broken--- during the flagellation, when he fell with the cross, when he was hit in the face while speaking to the high priest. … [Read more...]

John Grisham’s Ford County— Short Stories

John Grisham is too well known for his full length legal thrillers to need any introduction, but what is less well known is that he is an excellent short story writer as well, as is demonstrated amply in the seven short stories which comprise Ford County. Some southern writers have proved to be much better at short stories than novels (e.g. O. Henry) and others much better at novels than short stories (e.g. Walker Percy), but Grisham is ambidextrous as a writer, and these stories are just … [Read more...]

A Response to Adam Hamilton’s Recent Post on the Bible and Homosexuality

Adam Hamilton has once more entered into the fray of making pronouncements about what the Bible does and does not advocate when it comes to same sex sexual activity and same sex marriage, and you can read his post here, only the first of four such posts leading up to the General Conference in a couple of weeks.My concern is with the misinterpretation of the Bible in this post as well as the … [Read more...]