Hillary vs. Trump—- ‘Say It Isn’t SO!!!!’

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Take Me Home Country Roads– Country Crafts and Bridges

On Sunday we had some time off from all that academic stuff, and decided to take a ride to the edge of Maryland where there was a Mennonite restaurant and craft village plus a historic bridge of interest. Let's start with the bridgeThis bridge is from the 18th century and is of some significance as Washington and General Braddock seem to have crossed the river here. But there is far more to see than an interesting bridge. They have moved 18th and 19th century log cabins here from … [Read more...]

Take Me Home Country Roads—- WVU View

Morning Morgantown. It was a great song by Joni Mitchell, but I doubt she ever visited the one in West Virginia, home of West Virginian U. and the Mountaineers. The pictures above are of the downtown campus, and yes that is a mass transit monorail of sorts because.... well, its very hilly!! I was there to give a couple of lectures..... And the lectures went quite well. I was there with my friend, Aaron Gale who is the head of the religion department at WVU. This is us at the homecoming … [Read more...]

En Fuego

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How to Put the Dog back in Dogma

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‘Transfiguration’– A Sermon by C.K.B.

The following is a sermon by my Doktor Vater, C.K. Barrett, a formidable Methodist preacher, in addition to all his scholarly work. I am in the process of producing several volumes of his sermons and the sermons of his father, Fred Barrett, a famous Methodist Evangelist and preacher in the 20th century. The volumes will be entitled Luminescence. The thing that characterizes these sermons is in depth interaction with both the Biblical text and the Wesleyan tradition of theology and hymnody. … [Read more...]

American Pharoah at Mass

This Just In from my Catholic friends here in Lexington and the Catholic News Service.......Ashford Stallion Manager Richard Barry introduces American Pharoah to Bishop Manz on Sept. 21. (Karen Callaway/Catholic New World)While the bishop did meet with the workers at Ashford, the visit to the stud farm was sort of a perk. The owners of Ashford are Catholic and often donate American Pharaoh’s halters to be auctioned off at Catholic school fundraisers. They, with other local Catholic f … [Read more...]

‘You are Free to Decide Wrong’—- CKB on Matthew 28

In the course of a sermon on Matthew 28.16-20, and in commenting on the way the risen Christ uses his power and authority, C.K.Barrett rightly stops to reflect on the rather amazing response of some to seeing the risen Jesus-----"Do you notice the three extraordinary, astounding words that Matthew slips in? The risen glorious Jesus appears, and, of course, they worshipped him. But Matthew adds ‘but some doubted’. Even then! You see there was no compulsion. Not even then would he compel w … [Read more...]

The Challenge of Figural Readings of the Gospels– Richard Hays

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