Adam and the Genome– Part Fourteen

As for thesis 3 discussed beginning on pp. 124ff. namely that God orders creation into a temple, I have a hard time finding this theme in Gen. 1-3. God rests or ceases from his work and admires it. This is all about God’s activity. There is nothing said at all about worshipping by the human beings of God, nothing about sacrifices either. None of the language of Biblical worship shows up in these chapters. Instead, we hear about what Adam and Eve are supposed to do as jobs, as their work. N … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Thirteen

On p. 113 Scot suggests that the authors of Gen. 1-11 were familiar, at least at the level of ideas, with some of the concepts found in other ANE creation and flood stories. In an age before there were many texts, and mostly oral traditions, one wonders how the authors of Genesis would have come across such traditions in the Holy Land. Might it not be better to suggest that various of these cultures knew of events in the past, for example a large regional flood that wiped away existing … [Read more...]

Luminescence— Vol. One The Sermons of CKB

I am extremely pleased to tell you that the first volume of C.K. Barrett's sermons is about to show up on Amazon as well as on the Wipf and Stock website, with major endorsements by Barclay, Dunn, Moberley, Willimon, Timothy George and many others. Many of you have been enjoying the excerpts I've been posting in the last nine months as I have worked on the sermons, and asked when they could get the whole shebang. Well, you can start getting it now. There will be four volumes in all, three … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Twelve

By historical Adam and Eve I simply mean real people in space and time, the progenitors of God’s people who were the sinners in question that set in motion the train of murder and death and iniquity that followed, no sooner than they stepped outside the garden (see the story of Cain and Abel). I do not think it is adequate to suggest that the writers of the NT or for that matter of the intertestamental period were simply referring to Adam and Eve as archetypal or literary figures in a story. … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Eleven

In regard to point 5) (see the previous post) I agree with Scot that I don’t think the later Christian notion of seminal transmission of a sin nature from Adam is a necessary conclusion from what the Bible says. It is the curse that affects the whole human tribe, not Adam’s sin nature. 6) since all have sinned and lack God’s glory now, it is not necessarily the case that without the historical Adam we don’t need the Gospel of salvation, but I would say that Adam’s sin is the presenting cause whi … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Ten

For me, where the problem really comes in in Scot’s presentation is on pp. 107-08 where Scot says that when the adjective ‘historical’ is attached to Adam and Eve it means ALL of the following things: 1) 2 actual persons named Adam and Eve existed suddenly as a result of God’s creation; 2) those two persons have a biological relationship with all subsequent human beings; 3) their DNA is our DNA; 4)those two died and brought death into the world; 5) those two passed on their sin natures to their d … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome– Part Nine

I must admit, I am less willing to critique all the intelligent design folks the way Venema does at the end of his last chapter. I think there is far more to some of their arguments than some would allow. Some of these folks are actual scientists who are also people of faith and are struggling to make sense of both the Bible and evolution. Good for them. We need more, not less efforts to bring the two disciplines together for dialogue, and that does not include and assumption the science and … [Read more...]

Adam and Genome– Part Eight

THE THEOLOGY CHAPTERSScot’s first chapter deals with four principles with which to read the Bible. As Scot says at the outset “Theology which is designed to investigate that nonempirical reality in some ways, can provide a map onto which we can locate science and which can challenge science.” (p. 95). Exactly my point. The empirically observable and testable world is not all there is to reality. Scot’s concern is “we will all gain clarity if Christians learn how to speak about Ada … [Read more...]

Adam and the Genome— Part Seven

Let's consider for a moment Venema’s observation on p. 64---“These children descend uniquely from one man (for the Y chromosome DNA) and one woman (for their mitochondrial DNA), but from at least four ancestors for their regular chromosomal DNA.” Let’s have a conversation about Mitochondrial Eve and Y chromosome Adam and the 10,000 other ancestors for our regular DNA. I don’t see anything in Genesis 1-5 or elsewhere in the Bible which rules out such observations. Again, what the Bible is about … [Read more...]