Trips Back in Time— Hopsewee Plantation

If you really want to get the feel of the past, take a trip south of Georgetown S.C. to the old rice plantation at Hopsewee, still privately owned. Even the road into the plantation is olde worlde.... Here are the helpful signs outside the plantation....There are few bluffs in the coastal part of S.C. but Hopsewee is the Indian word for bluff, and there is one overlooking the Santee river.....and this is the beautiful setting for this house.... The front of the house, where Asbury once … [Read more...]

Trips Back in Time— Bath Part Four

There is a lot to be said about the privateer Blackbeard, a figure of both legend and history. He was indeed a genuine pirate who hijacked ships and their cargo, and at one point sought pardon from the Governor of North Carolina, Governor Eden, and it was granted, but apparently Blackbeard got bored, and went back to pirating. The man by all accounts cut a fearsome figure--- with a long black beard tied in knots.... The restaurant in Bath where we had lunch remembers him fondly.... It is not … [Read more...]

Trips back in Time–Bath Part Three

It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of John Lawson when it comes to the early settling of North Carolina. He was a brilliant naturalist, explorer, philosopher, artist, building, who was involved in both New Bern, where the British governor had his palace, Tryon's Palace, and he lived also in Bath. He died a gruesome death at the hands of Tuscarora Indians who were ticked off about the stealing and exploitation of their land by English-speaking settlers. Here is a plaque honoring … [Read more...]

Trips Back in Time Part Two– More Bath

As we follow the narrow paths through the village of path, covered with oyster shells to keep the paths from having ruts, we walk over to the oldest house in the town, presently called the Palmer house (but it was originally owned by a family with a Huguenot name). This was at one time a guest house, which is one reason it is large and has four bedrooms upstairs.... Note the family graveyard in the foreground. Contrast the size of this house with a more typical two room cabin from the … [Read more...]

Trips Back in Time— Part One–Have You Visited a Bath Recently?

There are many places on or near the coast of North or South Carolina where there is lots of interesting history to be discovered, and one of those places is the little tiny town of Bath North Carolina, the very first town of any size in North Carolina, and certainly the first village of any importance in N.C. And both this town, and the plantation we will be viewing in the next post are connected with my Methodists-- in particular Bath is connected with George Whitfield, and Hopsewee Plantation … [Read more...]

Bourne— Again is always difficult to maintain the quality of a series of movies that are filmed over a rather long period of time. It is especially hard when you get to the point of filming a fourth or fifth film in the series. So I went to see this two hour long movie with somewhat low expectations, having read various reviews and watched the trailers (see above). It's always nice to be surprised in a good way, and I can tell you I was surprised. First of … [Read more...]

Life’s a Beach

It's now official. I have visited beaches all over the world from the northern to the southern hemisphere, and from east to west in North America. And from Singapore to Sydney, from Hong Kong to Hawaii, and the winner of the best beach in the world is pictured in this post--- Cherry Grove Beach in North Myrtle Beach S.C. Why is it the best beach you ask? Well, of course because God made it that way, but to give less theological reasons: 1) the Gulf Stream warms the water to a wonderful 70 … [Read more...]

This One Takes the Cake—- The Story of the Probable Forgery of the Jesus’ Wife Papyrus

READ THIS--- This is a story even Dan Brown couldn't make up. … [Read more...]

The Barclay-Wright Dialogue

Here's another helpful post by my friend Larry Hurtado...... See what you think--- BW3“The Paul Dialogue”: Barclay & WrightYesterday was the day-long dialogue on the Apostle Paul between John Barclay (Durham) and N. T. Wright (St. Andrews) held under the auspices of our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins. Both of these scholars have recently published major works on Paul’s thought, and each has reviewed the other’s work in journals: John Barclay, Paul and the Gift (Eerdma … [Read more...]